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Welcome to the Studigroup! This board is for the purpose of learning more about Wes Studi and is a gathering place for his fans. This is an unmoderated but monitored board.

1. Using this board to solicit Wes' input or promotion of a book or script or to sell or promote books, scripts, or any other items or promote one's own acting or music career is prohibited, unless prior permission from the board owner is obtained.
2. We will allow NO political, religious, or activist posts. No sexual, racist, or otherwise offensive language or photos on this board. Please keep your remarks at a PG level. No unauthorized advertising.
3. The Moderators reserve the right to remove any unwanted messages and/or ban any person at their own discretion without prior notice.
4. You will have to register to post on this board. No anonymous posting will be allowed and any such post will be immediately deleted.
5. Please keep arguing off the board. If you disagree with someone take it to private emails.
6. If you have a problem or issue please discuss PRIVATELY with the President through email at [email protected] To do otherwise may result in termination from the fan club and being banned from the message board

Important! We are not responsible for lost or forgotten passwords. When you register please make note of your password. The moderators DO NOT have access to passwords. If you lose your password please contact EZ board.

Have fun!

President, The Studigroup

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